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Collagen & Grape Seed Capsule

Collagen & Grape Seed Capsule

Whiten, brighten and improve overall skin complexion

Smoothen fine lines and wrinkles

Maintain skin moisture, firmness and elasticity

Reduce skin aging caused by UV light, pollution and free radicals

To replenish the depleting collagen

Keep hair and nail strong and not brittle

Enhance and support collagen production

Main Efficacies & Ingredients


makes up a substantial amount of the protein composition of ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bone & skin.  Collagen is responsible for many vital functions. It sustains organs such as tendons, skin and cartilage. It provides integrity, firmness and elasticity to the organ structures. The greater the amount of collagen the body has available, the more shapely and flexible the body will be. Collagen also helps transmit force through tendons and ligaments and light into cornea. It helps distribute fluids through blood vessels and glandular conducts.


Improve Circulation

Collagen can strengthen blood vessels and improve their elasticity. Collagen fortifies your blood vessels to improve circulation throughout the body. Blood and nutrients are delivered to your skin, resulting in healthy, radiant and youthful-looking skin.

Promote Healing of Injuries

Collagen is needed to repair and rebuild connective tissue to encourage strong muscles, skin and joints. Collagen also strengthens the structure of bones, tendons, cartilage and ligaments. Collagen can encourage muscle mass to regenerate and help athletes recover from sports-related injuries faster.

Releive Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is an inflammation in the joints that can cause limited and painful mobility in your hand, arm, shoulder, hip and knee joints. Collagen may increase your joint mobility and reduce arthritis pain. The Daily Mail website cites a study conducted by Dr. Stefan Oesser at Kiel University in Germany that demonstrated that by adding collagen to cartilage tissue, it was possible to encourage extra cells to grow.

Reduce Appearance of Cellulite

Cellulite occurs when fatty tissue pushes upward through fibers into the upper layer of skin. The result is a dimpled appearance of the skin. Collagen work from the inside of your body to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Collagen promotes your body to rebuild and repair the fibers that cause cellulite to appear.

Reduce Wrinkles

As collagen depletes, wrinkles and lines form in those places where the skin moves most--such as joints, forehead and lips. Wrinkles and skin blemishes benefit the most from collagen. Aging is the main cause of wrinkles. However, environment, pollutants and rays from the sun all contribute. Regularly taking collagen encourages your skin to become soft and supple.

Improve Hair

Collagen is a major component in hair growth, because it fights off free radicals that can affect your hair's texture, growth and thickness. Restoring collagen in the hair shaft can improve hair growth. Collagen strengthen hair and increase the diameter of individual hairs, giving your hair an overall fuller appearance.

Grape seed(OPC)

is rich of OPC which reduces tissue damage caused by free radicals. It help improve the body's organs antioxidant capacity, helps prevent wrinkles in the skin, prevents facial pigmentation, promotes skin brightness and smoothness.


Atherosclerosis or Heart Disease

There have been various studies done on animals that suggest OPCs can reverse or slow down atherosclerosis. It is believed by many that long term use of them would be beneficial at preventing heart disease.

Periodontal Disease

One 14 day double blind medical study tested the benefits of chewing gum with 5 mg of OPCs in it that came from pine bark. The research project concluded that the participants gum health improved significantly, and there was also a reduction of plaque. Since gingivitis is one of the most common causes of tooth loss, it is recommended that if you have this issue, you strongly consider using oligomeric proanthocyanidins.

Edema after Surgery or Injury

After surgery, many patients will experience a great deal of swelling. One double blind medical study revealed that women who had breast cancer surgery where able to reduce edema and the pain associated with it, by taking 600 mg of grape seed OPCs for 6 months.

In another research project conducted on people that had facial surgery, it was learned that edema dissipated much quicker for the people that were treated with OPCs made from grape seed. If you are an athlete, then you know that injuries are a part of training. One other study discovered that grape seed OPCs helped injured athletes recovery much faster than those that did not use it.

Venous Insufficiency (Varicose Veins)

If you have varicose veins, then you know that there is nothing worse than exposing your legs in public for other people to see them. Thankfully, there have been a few research projects conducted on people that experience this often very embarrassing condition which have proven to be quite positive.

One group of 71 people was provided 100 mg 3 times a day of OPCs made from grape seeds. The study revealed that these individuals were able to considerably improve the symptoms associated with varicose veins, which include the following; swelling, leg discomfort, and a heaviness feeling in the legs.

In another study of 40 people that suffered from chronic venous, it was found that they also were able to reduce their edema, pain, and the sensation of their legs always feeling very heavy. This group was given 100 mg of OPCs made from pine bark 3 times a day.


Anybody that has ever had a hemorrhoid problem, can tell you how terribly painful they are. Well, hemorrhoids are essentially just varicose veins located in the anus region of our bodies. One double blind medial trail that consisted of 84 people discovered that OPCs which were administered both orally and topically made from pine bark, drastically eased the pain and bleeding caused by hemorrhoids.

Boosts your Immune System

Many of us today are always getting sick for some unknown reason. If you happen to be one of those individuals, one medical study concluded that OPCs made from grape seeds was able to substantially improve the overall health of its participates by improving their immune system.

Protection against Allergies

If you suffer from allergies that cause you to itch, get rashes, or sneeze quite a bit, you might want to consider using OPCs on a daily basis. One medical study showed that only one week after the people in it started taking 100 mg of OPC made from grape seeds that their allergy attacks decreased considerably.

Weight Loss or Weight Maintenance

Most of us are aware of the fact that maintaining the proper weight is critical for our long term health. Being overweight can lead to many serious medical conditions including some of the following; heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a much shorter life span.

Dietary fiber

Prevent or relieve constipation, hemorrhoids and diverticulosis. In addition, certain types of fiber help decrease blood cholesterol levels.


Normalizes bowel movements

Dietary fiber increases the weight and size of your stool and softens it. A bulky stool is easier to pass, decreasing your chance of constipation. If you have loose, watery stools, fiber may also help to solidify the stool because it absorbs water and adds bulk to stool. For some, fiber may provide relief from irritable bowel syndrome.

Helps maintain bowel integrity and health

A high-fiber diet may lower your risk of developing hemorrhoids, and small pouches in your colon (diverticular disease). Some fiber is fermented in the colon. Researchers are looking at how this may play a role in preventing diseases of the colon.

Helps control blood sugar levels

Fiber, particularly soluble fiber, can slow the absorption of sugar, which for people with diabetes can help improve blood sugar levels. A diet that includes insoluble fiber has been associated with a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Promotes digestive health

Fermentation of soluble fiber in your stomach produces short chain fatty acids. These anti-inflammatory compounds have been shown to effectively reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel disease, diarrhea and/or constipation. Short chain fatty acids can reduce the pH of your colon. Increased acidity makes your colon lining less likely to form polyps and tumor cells.

Reduces food transit time

Insoluble fiber continuously absorbs water into your intestines during digestion. This increases the bulk of food, speeds up its movement in your intestines and softens your stools. Having sufficient insoluble fiber can help maintain bowel regularity as well as prevent constipation.

Aids in weight loss

High-fiber foods generally require more chewing time, which gives your body time to register when you're no longer hungry, so you're less likely to overeat. Also, a high-fiber diet tends to make a meal feel larger and linger longer, so you stay full for a greater amount of time. And high-fiber diets also tend to be less "energy dense," which means they have fewer calories for the same volume of food.

Uncertain effect on colorectal cancer

Evidence that dietary fiber reduces colorectal cancer is mixed — some studies show benefit, some show nothing and some suggest increased risk. If you're concerned about preventing colorectal cancer, adopt or stick with a colon cancer screening regimen. Regular testing for and removal of colon polyps can prevent colon cancer.

Active Ingredients

Serving size: 2 capsules


Grape Seed extract(OPC)

Dietary fiber

Other Ingredients: HPMC(Vegetarian Capsule) and Silica/Magnesium Stearate.

*Free Of Milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, gluten, titanium dioxide.


Adults, take two (2) capsules per day, as a dietary supplement.

Warning: Do not exceed recommended serving size. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.

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